Game Modes

Players take the roles of Wizards, who use powerful spells to destroy any foe that steps into their path. They use everything from raw elemental spells to awesome Magicks, and can cleverly combine the elements to maximum effect. Magicka has 3 game modes, Adventure, Challenge and Versus. All can be played alone or multiplayer.


The adventure mode allows up to four players to explore the world of Midgård, and save it from destruction. The game is saved automatically whenever a level is completed. Depending on their successes in the previous level, the Wizards may find shortcuts and hidden paths, new ways through the adventure, which may take them far behind enemy lines.


In the challenge mode you and up to 3 "friends" must survive wave after wave of enemies coming at you on a variety of maps. Easy to get into, but hard to master. Do you have what it takes to make it through all the waves?


In the versus mode you get to show your so called friends who actually is the fastest wizard in the old we...we mean Midgård. Use defensive and offensive spells to the best of your ability and be the last wizard standing.