Player-vs-Player mode released for free

All copies of Magicka have been updated with the free PVP pack. Also new Robe Added.


Player-vs-Player is finally here. Up to four wizards can do battle online or locally with this new, and free, addition. Three game modes are included: Death Match, Brawl and Krietor’sTourney. Fight on teams or every wizard for themselves. Crush your enemies and hear their lamentation!

Main Features:

  • Three new game modes
  • New lobby menus and interface
  • Customizable Magickand Weapon drops
  • FREE, FREE, FREE! Automatically added to your copy


You also get the free Resevoir Robe:

Prance through the forest in style with this dapper new Wizard robe featuring a black tie, sunglasses and the always classy M1911 handgun. With over 10 colors to choose from, you too can form a color themed posse with your friends. So band up and try to heist something, although there is seemingly no money in Midgard. 

Main Features:

•All suited up, a  new wizard robe
•Choose from over 10 colors, Mister.
•Armed with a M1911 handgun