How did it all begin? Find out in the brand new novel Magicka: The Ninth Element

Paradox Books releases the first ever novel set in the Magicka universe. Read about the young Grimnir and his Wizard friends fighting the powerful Purple Wizard who is after the elusive Ninth Element...

So, it's been a busy few weeks for all things "Magicka", chances are your fireball finger is getting a bit tired and your life element just isn't doing what it used to? We have you covered! Rather than go through all the effort of making trolls and goblins explode, you can casually swipe through you favourite e-reader and read about the Magickal quest for the mythical "Ninth Element".

Paradox Books is publishing a new Magicka Novel, Magicka: The Ninth Element! Written by Dan McGirt, Magicka: The Ninth Element follows a group of four inexperienced wizards, using the eight elements of spellcasting on a quest to chase down rumors of an all-powerful ninth element – one that may hold the key to ultimate power. At least, it might. No promises. But it could.

Want a glimpse of what Magicka: The Ninth Element contains, besides wizards blowing themselves up? Check out the first 35 pages here:

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